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   18 ноября 2008 г.



  Call for Papers 
  "Values in an Age of Multiculturalism" 
36th Conference on Value Inquiry 
American Society for Value Inquiry 
Centre for Practical Ethics, York University 
Toronto, ON (Canada) 
17-20 April 2009 
The 36th Conference on Value Inquiry "Values in an Age of 
Multiculturalism" will be held at York University in 
Toronto, Canada, 17-20 April, 2009, hosted by the Centre for 
Practical Ethics. This conference will bring together 
academics, judges, politicians and public servants from 
Canada and the world. An annual conference of the American 
Society for Value Inquiry, Values in an Age of 
Multiculturalism, will explore how values are impacted and 
shaped by both the social fact of multiculturalism and 
multiculturalism as a political ideal. Among the themes that 
the conference will explore are: immigration law policy and 
practice; religious freedom; education; work; precarious 
status; health care; inclusion exclusion and 
marginalization; language issues; the duties of citizenship; 
and issues in law for a diverse population. 
Papers, and proposals for papers, that address concerns of 
social value, individual value, or relations among values of 
both types are welcome. Early Submission is strongly 
encouraged and advised. Papers should be between 20-25 
minutes reading time. Papers may be practically or 
theoretically oriented. Topics may be disciplinary and range 
over issues within a single field of value inquiry such as 
normative ethics, applied ethics, aesthetics, political 
theory, or economics. Topics may be interdisciplinary and 
range over issues between two or more fields of value 
inquiry. Topics may even be meta-disciplinary and range over 
purely conceptual issues important for fuller understanding 
of matters of values in an age of multiculturalism. 
Invited speakers include: 
Professor Tariq Modood 
Sociology, University Research Centre for the Study of 
Ethnicity and Citizenship, Bristol University 
Professor Monique Deveaux 
Political Science, Williams College 
Deadline for proposals: 15 January 2009. 
Professor Susan Dimock, Conference Coordinator 
36th Conference on Value Inquiry 
Centre for Practical Ethics 
York University 
119 McLaughlin College 
4700 Keele Street 
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3 
dimock@yorku.ca or ycpe@yorku.ca 


    Отдел восточного славянства Института славяноведения РАН

Центр украинистики и белорусистики МГУ 


«Confessiones et nationes»   

18 ноября 2008 г., в 12.00, комн. 814:       

Доклад Г. Энгельгардта (Инслав РАН):       

Место православия и Сербской Православной церкви в постсоциалистических дискурсах национальной идентичности в Сербии.       

25 ноября 2008 г., в 12.00, комн. 814: 

    Доклад А.М. Шпирта (Инслав РАН): 

    Опыт изучения дискурсов протонациональной идентичности «Венской школой исторической этнографии»  

Приглашаются все заинтересованные.  

Семинар проходит в Институте славяноведения РАН (Ленинский проспект, 32а, 8-й этаж, 814 комната).  

Для заказа пропуска обращайтесь к Андрею Шпирту (futesas@gmail.com или 8-903-536-08-29). 


Institute of Philosophy & Institute of Musical Research 
16-17 June, 2009 
Supported by the British Society of Aesthetics 
Confirmed keynote speakers include: George Benjamin, John Deathridge, 
Deirdre Gribbin, Jerrold Levinson, Susan McClary, Roger Scruton 
Convenor: Guy Dammann, Institute of Musical Research 
Music has commonly been considered the most elusive of artforms and yet 
throughout history there have been frequent assertions of its strong links 
with our moral sensibilities. While this situation may suggest shifting 
views and expectations of art and music, it may also point to some deeper 
questions about the nature of music and morality. 
In the context of increased academic and practical interest in the 
question of music's moral value and potential, we are seeking 
contributions from academic and practical musicians, philosophers, 
psychologists and historians of ideas, offering critical reflections on 
questions or cases that touch on the theme of music and morality. 
Interested contributors should send, in a first instance, a 300 word 
abstract for a proposed paper of not more than 20 minutes reading time to 
Valerie James, Institute of Musical Research,  
music@sas.ac.uk by the 
deadline of 31 January 2009. Notice of acceptances of submissions will be 
announced within one month of this deadline. 
General questions of interest include but are not limited to the following: 
Can music yield moral knowledge or understanding? 
Must good music have a moral value? 
Is there such a thing as immoral music? 
Is the idea of morality in music compatible with aesthetic formalism? 
Full call for papers available here: 
Poster here 



УВАжаемые коллеги!

Кафедра религиоведения и теологии факультета политических наук Алтайского государственного университета формирует сборник научных статей «Мировоззрение народов Южной Сибири и Центральной Азии в исторической ретроспективе» (Вып. 3). 

Основная тематика сборника

  • Теоретические аспекты изучения мировоззрения древних и традиционных обществ
  • Источники по изучению духовной культуры народов Южной Сибири и Центральной Азии
  • Верования, обряды  древних  и средневековых народов Центральной Азии
  • Влияние мировых религий на формирование синкретичных  мировоззренческих систем
  • Первобытное искусство: образы, сюжеты, семантика
  • Традиционное мировоззрение народов Южной Сибири
  • Религиозная политика в государствах Центральной Азии
  • Современные этноконфессиональные процессы в регионе


Авторы, желающие опубликовать свои статьи, могут рассмотреть и другие вопросы, но в рамках обозначенной тематики сборника.     

Для публикации статьи в сборнике необходимо до 20 июня 2009 г. прислать ее  текст (в печатном и электронном варианте), а также сведения об авторе (фамилия, имя, отчество, место работы, должность, ученая степень, ученое звание, почтовый адрес, телефон, e-mail).  Статья может включать текст и иллюстрации до 12 страниц (14 кегль, одинарный интервал, в формате Word: поля: верхнее – 2 см, нижнее – 2 см, левое – 2,5 см, правое – 2,5 см). К статье обязательно прикладывается полный список использованных работ.     

Образец оформления статьи и списка литературы

Г.Г. Король

Институт археологии РАН, г. Москва



Ссылки в тексте: (Токарев С.А.,  1990, с. 132)     

Библиографический список     

Кузьмина Е.Е. Конь в религии и искусстве саков и скифов // Скифы и сарматы. М., 1977а. С. 96–119.     

Кузьмина Е.Е. Распространение коневодства и культа коня у ирано-язычных племен Средней Азии и других народов Старого Света // Средняя Азия в древности и средневековье. М., 1977б. С.28–52.    

Леви-Стросс К. Структурная антропология. М., 1983. 432 с.

Статьи следует высылать по адресу:

656049, г. Барнаул, ул. Димитрова-66, Алтайский государственный университет, деканат факультета политических наук, Дашковскому Петру Константиновичу.

Электронная почта: dashkovskiy@fpn.asu.ru (c пометкой сборник «Мировоззрение…»).

Контактный телефон: (3852) 366331 (деканат)


  14.11.08, 05:19, "Secretariat@isast.org" <secretariat@isast.org>:  
 You are kindly invited to participate in the Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2009), Chania, Crete, Greece, 26-29 of May, 2009. 
The conference expands the main theme and presentations given 10 years earlier in the successful IATUL 1999 conference, organizer Dr Anthi Katsirikou then director of the library of Technical University of Crete. 
The theme of  the 20th IATUL 1999 conference in Chania was the "The Future of Libraries in Human Communication". The forthcoming QQML 2009 Conference will focus in an expanded theme covering Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries.  
QQML2009 is organized under the umbrella of ASMDA International Society organizing conferences on data analysis from 1981 
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods (QQM) are proved more and more popular tools for Librarians, because of their usefulness to the everyday professional life. QQM aim to the assessment and improvement of the services, to the measurement of the functional effectiveness and efficiency. QQM are the mean to make decisions on fund allocation and financial alternatives. Librarians use also QQM in order to determine why and when their users appreciate their services. This is the start point of the innovation involvement and the ongoing procedure of the excellent performance. Systematic development of quality management in libraries requires a detailed framework, including the quality management standards, the measurement indicators, the self-appraisal schedules and the operational rules. These standards are practice-oriented tools and a benchmarking result. Their basic function is to express responsibly the customer (library user) -supplier (library services) relationship and provide a systematic approach to the continuous change onto excellence. The indoor and outdoor relationships of libraries are dependent of their communication and marketing capabilities, challenges, opportunities and implementation programmes.  
The Conference will attend library professionals: professors, administrators, technologists, museum scientists, archivists, decision makers and managers. 
As the conference papers will be included in a Book titled:  
"Advances in Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries"  
please follow precisely the given Template following the format and instructions from World Scientific Publishing Co. 
If you propose a Special Session including 4-5 papers, the papers will be included into the book as a Specific Chapter under the title of the special session. 
Special Session proposals should have the session title, the name and affiliation of the organizer and a brief description (5-10 lines). 
You may upload  the Abstract/Paper Template and formulate your paper according to the instructions: 
Please submit your paper in MS Word format as an email attachment to 
secretariat@isast.org <mailto:secretariat@isast.org>  
You can also submit your Abstract electronically by using the facilities of the conference website. 
For more information and submission details visit the Conference Website at: 
www.isast.org <http://www.isast.org/>   
Kind regards 
Prof. Christos H. Skiadas, Conference Chair 
Director, Data Analysis nad Forecasting Laboratory 
Technical University of Crete 
skiadas@isast.org skiadas@asmda.net  
www.isast.org <http://www.isast.org/>  
Dr. Anthi Katsirikou, Conference Secretary 
University of Piraeus 
Secretary of the Greek Association of Librarians and Information Professionals 
International Conferences on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods that we have organized in Chania: 
6th ASMDA Conference 3-6 May 1993 
20th IATUL Conference 16-22 May 1999 
12th ASMDA Conferece 29 May-1 June, 2007


We would like to once more invite all professional philosophers of 
religion to consider submitting papers and book review to the newly 
established European Journal for Philosophy of Religion (EJPR) (see: 
EJPR is an official journal of the Central European Society for 
Philosophy of Religion. The extensive Advisory Board consists 
predominantly of the leading philosophers of religion from Europe and 
North America. The refereeing process of the journal is being overseen 
by the chair of the Advisory Board, Prof. Richard Swinburne of Oxford 
EJPR's special mission is to enable a fruitful exchange between 
representatives of various traditions of the contemporary philosophy of 
religion dominant in Europe and elsewhere. Although the journal is 
committed to no position and invites papers without restriction of 
philosophical method or orientation, it encourages publication of papers 
in which a clear philosophical questions about God and other issues of 
philosophy of religion are being asked, a clear thesis is defended, and 
clear arguments are given. 
EJPR will be published biannually. The first issue is scheduled for 
December 2008. 
If you would like to submit a paper, please read the Author Guidelines 
on the journal's website first. 
We would like also to encourage the libraries, institutions and 
individual philosophers to consider subscribing to the journal. 
If you would like to contact the Editor, please, e-mail: 
Richard Swinburne (Chair of the Advisory Board) 
Howard Robinson (President of the Society) 
Janusz Salamon (Editor-in-Chief)


  From: Priscilla Hunt [mailto:phunt@slavic.umass.edu
Sent: 14 November 2008 00:22 
To: Early Slavic Studies 
Subject: Russian History issue on Medieval Rus' 
From the editor: please note that Part 1 of FESTSCHRIFT FOR RICHARD HELLIE, 
which was published earlier, is also dedicated to the medieval period. Its 
TOC can be found here: 
Part 3 
Guest Editors: 
Identity as Commodity: Tournaments of Value in the Tatar Ransom 
          Brian J. Boeck 
Handwriting on the Wall: Traces of Novgorod in the Golden Hall 
          Michael Flier 
The Foolishness in the Life of the Archpriest Avvakum and the 
     Problem of 
          Priscilla Hunt 
Private Service and Patronage in Sixteenth-Century 
Russia                       309 
           Mikhail Krom 
Identifying Diseases in Pre-Modern 
Russia                                                 321 
          Eve Levin 
Scriptual Pieces: A Muscovite Publishing History of Books of the 
          Gary Marker 
Ritual and Religion in the Foreign Marriages of Three Muscovite 
          Russell Martin 
Rituals of Violence: Retaliatory Acts by Russian and Hungarian 
          Georg Michels 
Melchior Sternfels von Fuchshaim in 
Muscovy                                            395 
          Donald Ostrowski 
The Sexual Life of Muscovites: Evidence from the Foreign 
Accounts         409 
          Marshall Poe 
The Title "Great Sovereign" and the Case of Patriarch 
Nikon                   429 
          Olga Strakhov 
Muscovite Women and the Politics of the Holy: Gender and 
          Isolde Thyrêt 
Ambiguities of the Frontier: Two Case Studies from Medieval 
Silesia        463 
          Piotr Górecki 
Index to Volume 35/Index du volume 
35                                                     479 
Priscilla Hunt, PhD 
Associate of the Five Colleges at the University of Massachusetts 
24 Teaberry Lane 
Amherst, MA  01002 
413-256-0732 (home) 
413-478-0527 (cell) 
www.phslavic.com (website)