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Call for Papers

"Visions of Peace: The West and Asia"

Multidisciplinary Symposium

University of Otago

Dunedin (New Zealand)

10-12 December 2009


"Visions of Peace: The West and Asia" is a

multi-disciplinary symposium which explores various

traditional conceptions of peace in the Asian and the

Western historical worlds. Current literature, prompted by

September 11, focuses on the laws and ethics of just wars;

the ideas and ideals of peace as they were conceptualized by

past Asian and Western thinkers appear to have escaped

scholarly attention. The symposium is intended to fill this

lacuna, thereby shedding light on the hitherto overlooked or

underappreciated visions of peace in the global historical


The event will be organized according to the following

cultural units and traditions: Islamic, Jewish, Indian,

Chinese, Japanese, and European. The symposium will approach

the diversity of the global traditions of the idea of peace

at the interface of religion, philosophy and political

thought from the viewpoint of intellectual history.

The main, but by no means exclusive, focus will be on the

"pre-modern" period (i.e. before c.1800). General

theoretical and historical questions to be addressed might

include: What did "peace" mean in a given tradition? Was it

primarily political? Was peace the end or a means for

something else? Is it achievable in this world? What are the

conditions of peace? What are the contexts in which peace

was valued? What is the relationship between war and peace?

How did each tradition understand the legitimacy of


Plenary speakers include:

John Kelsay (Florida State University), Torkel Brekke

(University of Oslo), Yu Kam-por (Hong Kong Polytechnic

University), Shin Chiba (International Christian University,

Tokyo), and Fred Dallmayr (University of Notre Dame, USA).

Proposals for papers should be submitted to Dr Takashi

SHOGIMEN (Department of History, University of Otago) at

<takashi.shogimen@otago.ac.nz> by 15 April 2009.

Papers on the idea of peace in any of the aforementioned

cultural units or on cross-cultural comparison are welcome.

The proposal should include the title of the paper, a

150-word abstract which specifies the cultural unit and

chronological period that the paper discusses, and the

contact details including the presenter's name, home

institution and email address. Submission of proposal does

not guarantee its acceptance. You will receive an email by

early May announcing whether or not your proposal has been

accepted. The delivery of the paper should not exceed 20

minutes, which will be followed by 10-minute discussion, and

the English language must be used. Due to the

cross-disciplinary nature of the event, accessibility of the

paper without compromising its scholarly quality is


A refereed volume of selected symposium papers will be

edited and published by a leading international publisher.


Dr Takashi Shogimen

Department of History

University of Otago

PO Box 56


New Zealand

Tel. +64 3 479 4164

Fax. +64 3 479 8429

Email: takashi.shogimen@otago.ac.nz


Dear scholars,

I would like to remind you about the European Forum for the Study of

Religion and the Environment's (EFSRE) 2nd international conference on

"Religion & Ecology in the Public Sphere" in Åbo/Turku, Finland, 14 17

May 2009: http://www.hf.ntnu.no/relnateur/conference_in_turku/

The call for papers is still open until 31 January:


For further informations, please contact: Björn Vikström


Welcome to Finland!

Sigurd Bergmann

PS Please distribute this invitation widely in your networks.


Sigurd Bergmann, prof. dr.theol.

Department of Archaeology and Religious Studies

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NO - 7491 Trondheim


Institutt for arkeologi og religionsvitenskap

Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU)

NO - 7491 Trondheim

Phone: +47-73 59 65 87, +47-73 91 97 07

Skype: sigurdbergmann

Fax: +47-73 59 14 64

e-mail: sigurd.bergmann@hf.ntnu.no



Institute of Philosophy & Institute of Musical Research

16-17 June, 2009

Supported by the British Society of Aesthetics


Confirmed keynote speakers include: George Benjamin, John Deathridge,

Deirdre Gribbin, Jerrold Levinson, Susan McClary, Roger Scruton

Convenor: Guy Dammann, Institute of Musical Research

Music has commonly been considered the most elusive of artforms and yet

throughout history there have been frequent assertions of its strong links

with our moral sensibilities. While this situation may suggest shifting

views and expectations of art and music, it may also point to some deeper

questions about the nature of music and morality.

In the context of increased academic and practical interest in the

question of music's moral value and potential, we are seeking

contributions from academic and practical musicians, philosophers,

psychologists and historians of ideas, offering critical reflections on

questions or cases that touch on the theme of music and morality.

Interested contributors should send, in a first instance, a 300 word

abstract for a proposed paper of not more than 20 minutes reading time to

Valerie James, Institute of Musical Research, music@sas.ac.uk by the

deadline of 31 January 2009. Notice of acceptances of submissions will be

announced within one month of this deadline.

General questions of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Can music yield moral knowledge or understanding?

Must good music have a moral value?

Is there such a thing as immoral music?

Is the idea of morality in music compatible with aesthetic formalism?

Full call for papers available here:


Poster here






Petro Jacyk Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Ukrainian

Politics, Culture, and Society, 2009--2010

The Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES) at

the University of Toronto is accepting applications for the Petro Jacyk

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Ukrainian Politics, Culture, and Society for

the year 2008-2009. The objective of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship is to

support on an annual basis one of the most promising junior scholars

studying contemporary Ukraine and thereby to advance academic

understanding of Ukrainian politics, culture, and society. The

Fellowship is made possible by generous support of the Petro Jacyk

Education Foundation.

* Description:

The Fellowship has both research and teaching components. The

successful candidate will spend most of the Fellowship period in

residence at the University of Toronto, based at the Centre for

European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (CERES). While at CERES, the

Fellow will be expected to devote his/her time to preparation of

his/her dissertation for publication and/or to start a new research

project. The Fellow will work closely with an appointed research

supervisor and participate in activities of the Petro Jacyk Program

for the Study of Ukraine. These include guest lectures, workshops and

conferences, and other events. In addition to research, he/she is

expected to teach a one semester course (seminar or lecture) that

deals with contemporary Ukraine (possibly from an interdisciplinary

and/or comparative perspective). The Fellow will also be expected to

spend a period of time in Ukraine (normally 6-8 weeks and preferably,

but not necessarily, in May-June of the fellowship period) based at

the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, where she/he may

conduct research and participate in the academic life of the

institution. By the end of fellowship year, the Fellow is expected to

have a publication (a book manuscript based on a dissertation or an

occasional paper from a new research project) ready for submission and

provide a report of his/her activities to the Director of CERES. The

Fellow should acknowledge Petro Jacyk Post-Doctoral Fellowship in all

publications, lectures, and any other activities supported by the


* Eligibility:

The Fellowship is open to junior scholars in the social sciences and

humanities with a teaching and research focus on contemporary Ukraine.

The successful candidate must have completed his/her PhD not more than

three years prior to the start of the fellowship period and before

taking up the Fellowship. There are no restrictions with respect to


* Fellowship tenure:

The Centre will make one appointment for the calendar year of twelve

months beginning July 2009.

* Funding:

The Fellowship holder will receive $40,000 Canadian funds plus an

allowance for research and travel expenses;

* Application Procedure:

Applicants should submit to Ms. Larysa Iarovenko by March 1, 2009 the

following materials:

a CV that includes information requested on the application form;

a description of the planned research and writing projects (three pages

single spaced or six pages double spaced);

one (or possibly more) course proposals (a one page singled-spaced

description along with a selected bibliography or reading list);

and a writing sample (e.g .article or chapter from dissertation or

book). In addition, applicants should arrange for three letters of

reference to be mailed separately to the address below.

Short-listed candidates may be contacted for an interview. Inquiries may

be sent by e-mail to at larysa.iarovenko@utoronto.ca

or by regular mail to

Larysa Iarovenko

Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies

Ukrainian Programs Manager

Munk Centre for International Studies

University of Toronto

1 Devonshire Place

Toronto, Ontario M5S 3K7


Tel: (416) 946-8113

Fax: (416) 946-8939


Application form can be downloaded at






Конкурс 2009 г. посвящён 180-летию со дня рождения академика К.Н.

Бестужева-Рюмина (1829–1897)

Участниками конкурса могут быть: студенты высших учебных заведений,

магистранты, аспиранты.

Заявки на участие в конкурсе и конкурсные работы принимаются в срок с

15 января 2009 г. по 15 апреля 2009 г. включительно по адресу: 603005,

г. Нижний Новгород, ул. Ульянова, д.2, кафедра истории России и

краеведения исторического факультета ННГУ (к.316) доктору исторических

наук Селезнёву Ф.А.

В заявке на участие в конкурсе указываются: название работы, фамилия,

имя, отчество, место учёбы, домашний адрес и контактный телефон

соискателя, фамилия, имя, отчество, место работы, учёная степень и

звание научного руководителя. Конкурсные работы подаются без указания

имени автора на титульном листе; титульный лист должен содержать

только название работы;

Требования к конкурсным работам:

1. Работа должна быть посвящена истории России или истории

Нижегородского края с древнейших времён до 1991 г.;

2. Работа подаётся в печатном и электронном виде. Рукописные тексты не


3. Объём работы – 15–50 страниц;

4. Работа должна быть снабжена научно-справочным аппаратом,

оформленным в соответствии с ГОСТом;

5. Работа должна содержать сноски на неопубликованные источники.

Лучшие работы будут размещены на сайте РОИА и рекомендованы к

публикации в нижегородских краеведческих изданиях.




ru_historyДля тех, кто вдруг еще не в курсе.

Как вы все знаете, в рамках проекта Google Books в американских библиотеках постоянно оцифровывается немалое количество изданий на русском языке. Во избежание проблем с авторскими правами издания ХХ века под оцифровку не попадают.

Помимо того что поиск таких оцифрованных книг в Google Books затруднен из-за разнобоев в описаниях (то транслитом, то по-русски, и т.д.), скачать найденные полные тексты с российских ip-адресов невозможно.

В связи с этим хотел бы предложить вашему вниманию результат подвижнического труда нескольких неизвестных мне людей, которые коллективными усилиями выявили, скачали, перевыложили на rapidshare и сделали каталог более чем 3500 российских дореволюционных изданий по истории общим объемом более 65 Гбайт.

А - О: http://www.archeologia.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2142

П - Я: http://www.archeologia.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2142&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

Каталог постоянно пополняется, при этом в нем представлены не только монографии, но и большое количество периодики.